Day – English Version

Let’s see…

– Nick: Day.
– Birth: May 10, 1989 in Belém PA Brazil (age 21).
– She dates Beto.
– She bites her fingernails a lot.
– Doesn’t have the muscle Palmaris longus muscle.
– She likes to go shopping.
– She Loves “Alice in Wonderland” (Lewis you know?)
– Uses the third person dialog.
– She studies and teaches English.
– Dropped out of physiotherapy college in the 5th period to study something else.
– Doesn’t speak people’s names in the street.
– Always walks distracted.
– Is narcissistic (hehehe just kidding)
– Drinks that water of the olives in preserve.
– Allergic to hair of cats, dust, acarids…
– Doesn’t eat beef, ham, and meat! (no reason)
– She had a student radio called Radioativa from 2005 to 2006.
– Almost died drowned (3x)
– Doesn’t count the change.
– Has a little birthmark in the right thumb.
– Was Miss Congeniality (when child).
– Doesn’t know anybody with the same name.
– Cut’s her own hair. (rarely)
– Doesn’t like iframes.
– Her favorite movie is “Practical Magic”. (personal reasons)
– Loves to eat (everything) with jambú.
– Cries in farewells. (yeah… like scandal)
– Likes techno parties. (tuts tuts)
– Thinks Hawaii is a nice place.
– Does absurd analogies.
– Doesn’t like strawberry cookies.
– Her first kiss was in a Japanese guy. (so what?)
– She has dimple on one’s cheek.
– Has ectoplasm FEAR.
– She uses boyshorts (what?)
– Loves perfume =B
– and cartoon.
– Used a HUGE man checked t-shirt at homeas pijamas
– When she gets lost in a new city, pretends to be foreign (can you help me? eu precisar ir para o bus? okay?)

But all that… it doesn’t matter.


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